Agam publishes books for all ages; from high quality and richly illustrated books for toddlers and children, to engaging, thought-provoking books for young adults as well as fiction, non-fiction and gift books.

We are proud of each and every book that we publish, from picture books for toddlers and children to YA (Young-Adult), non-fiction, and gift books. An in-depth process involving thought and creativity stands behind every book that we publish- whether it be new versions of old classics, innovative original literature, or engaging and inspiring children’s literature, all combining spectacular illustrations by renowned and new artists and above all - amazing authors who write the most wonderful stories.

Original Literature

At Agam Publishing House, we select our local artists very carefully. The Israeli artists are extraordinary people, creative and most talented, who have not only succeeded in writing or drawing illustrations, but have also created an unforgettable and meaningful experience to our audience of readers. Even though each and every one of our artists has his or her own unique style, they still have something in common – their ambition and ability to preserve the unparalleled Israeli charm – simple and warm-hearted.

Translated Literature

We deliver the best books available worldwide to our Israeli readers. Our small team, headed by Agam’s chief editor, travels around the world, visits book fairs as well as large and small bookshops, and selects the best books for you.

At Agam, we maintain the highest quality at all stages of  book production. Each and every book is handled by the best of translators, editors, designers, printers, and binders, so that we can provide the perfect book to our readers.

At Agam, we maintain the highest quality at all stages of the book production. Every book passes through the hands of the best translators, editors, designers, printers, and binders. All this in order to bring our readers the perfect book.

Children's Books

Agam’s children's picture books mostly feature a great story and spectacular illustrations. We carefully select stories that will engage your children, whether they are books embodying significant messages or values, thought provoking books or for mere fun. Agam books speak a language that children can understand. In addition, when it comes to children’s books, illustrations are an inseparable part of the story. The illustrations in our books are created by leading and renowned Israeli and international illustrators, but we also cooperate with new artists, who amaze us and Israeli children with their unforgettable work.


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